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We are manufacturing a better way
to spray.

Our Story

WESSOL's journey began with our desire to manufacture big ideas into reality.
We wanted to provide the stepping stones for making brands come to life. Little did we know, we would find our passion in developing battery powered sprayers.
Since then, we have designed, produced, and field-tested sprayer after sprayer to ensure the highest quality for our customers. We now have ample customization options to fill the need for great sprayers in the market.
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Our Core Values

People are at the center of everything we do.
We make it a point to create great relationships. Within our company, we aim to create an environment that is inclusive, motivating, and creative. We are nothing without our team. And the same goes for our customers; they are at the center of the products we create.

Hand-in-hand with our customers, we are always prepared to meet new challenges and develop goal-oriented solutions. The ultimate goal is always clear: the success of our customers.
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Our process

We make sprayers that fit your needs.
We started with a drive for creating products that add value to people's lives. We created brands and established a strong global supply chain. Now that our brands have been developed, we want to create opportunities for our customers to customize.
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01. Design & Factory Production
We have two owned factories (in China, and Costa Rica) that are home to our engineering, logistics, production, and client-facing teams.
02. Extensive Quality Testing
Each component of our sprayers receive rigorous quality testing and every manufactured sprayer undergoes a spray test before leaving our facilities.
03. End-to-End Service
From project definition to production planning to finished goods logistics to demand planning, our team will strive to exceed your expectations in
all phases.
We're wessol

The better sprayer solution.

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